Today’s workplace is evolving quickly.  Organizations increasingly value their employees as partners in the business, not just as “cogs in the wheel” executing on tactics.  Today’s leaders are looking for ways to better understand what their team members need in order to drive sustainable success.

This is creating a shift to a more engaging and collaborative style of leadership, where employees are more involved in active problem solving and decision making, rather than just being told what to do.

This is Coach-like Leadership – a methodology that emphasizes foundational leadership skills such as active listening, asking powerful questions and how to have difficult conversations in a way that is direct, while remaining connected and respectful.

In Coach-Like Leadership we explore:

  • How leaders can first identify, then understand, the climate that they are working in and how they contribute to its creation
  • How to leverage proven coaching skills to create deeper connections, better manage conflict and drive more results
  • The best tools for executing on effective and sustainable leadership – ones that participants can bring into their workplace the very next day

We would be thrilled to have you attend and join our effort to transform the way great leaders lead!

Who Should Attend: Designed for frontline to mid-level managers, the Coach-Like Leadership program is equally as impactful for emerging leaders as those with many years of experience.

Why Attend: The program starts with building an understanding of  the environment that participants are in, paying particular attention to how they directly influence their organizational climate. We then focus on how best to leverage critical coaching competencies to optimize the way in which we connect with, support and optimize the results of direct reports.

The Impact of Attending:  Participants will leave the program with a detailed and extensive handbook, packed with proven and practical tools, processes and structures. Having built the handbook themselves through a combination of learning and practice over the 2 days of work, participants will be well equipped to begin leveraging newly learned skills the moment they return to the office.

Our passion is in taking a practical and relevant approach to helping you solve real business issues by leveraging the talent you already have. We are here to help you succeed and will ensure that your time in the learning environment translates to real, measurable results. 

Your leadership potential is within your reach… let our passion for learning help you get there.