As work environments continue to become more agile and cross-functional, leaders need a new approach to enable their teams to move fast and be strategic.

We developed Coach-Like Leadership to help leaders master coaching practices that are essential to promote collaboration, accountability, and strong team performance. With our focus on skills that are relevant for real workplaces, leaders leave the program ready to apply what they have learned and have an action plan for sustaining their development.

An approach, mindset, and process that helps leaders bring out the best in their teams

Encourage collaboration and co-creative problem-solving

Leaders learn how to listen to understand, make connections, and ask powerful questions to drive insight and clarity. This helps team members get a new perspective on the challenges they are facing and work together to develop solutions.

Foster commitment to action

Individual accountability is essential for strong team performance. Leaders learn how to create a supportive environment where team members actively contribute and take ownership over their work.

Deliver tough feedback with confidence

Leaders master a framework for handling tough performance conversations in a way that delivers the message clearly and establishes a productive path forward.

What participants are saying

“This course has a great impact for me in my role. It has made me understand my listening blocks, what makes an effective coach, and various coaching models I can implement based on the scenario. The facilitator was a fantastic educator and the content was interesting and applicable. Well done!”

“Since attending, I’m doing a much better job holding back from always providing solutions – team members are telling me they feel more empowered in our discussions. I feel like our trust is growing – they are understanding that they are in the driver’s seat more.”

“Before our session, I was very directional, one-sided. Now it feels like one full team. It’s less rigid now, and we’re getting more input, getting a lot more from every meeting. Now I feel like I have 10 more legs.”

“Very impactful. A lot of tools to use, and I’ve reached a comfort level to use them. Great coach and facilitator – engaging and knowledgeable.”

Your leadership potential is within your reach… let our passion for learning help you get there.