Built for high performers who are preparing for leadership roles and those in unique positions that require leadership without formal authority need a different program than the traditional leadership training that is designed for those who already hold leadership titles. That is why we created Lead from Within: to empower these individuals with leadership strategies that are relevant for their role and practical for the realities of today’s workplace.

The building blocks of leadership effectiveness

This two-day interactive program develops self-awareness for long-term results. Participants will come away with easy-to-apply tools that support sustained change long after the program is over.

Elevate impact at work
Participants build a leadership mindset that translates into a strong presence and voice, helping them to increase their impact in the workplace.

Strengthen critical relationships
Leveraging the results of a powerful assessment tool, we give participants a deeper understanding of motivations and behaviors, so that they can tune their approach to the situation and build stronger relationships at work.

Develop confidence to handle tough situations
Effective leadership requires the ability to navigate conflict. Participants master strategies to refocus conflicts and create mutually beneficial outcomes.

What participants are saying