The research is clear. Women remain under-represented at the senior leadership level, as well as within the pipeline for becoming the future leaders of organizations. Research also shows that ambition and competence are not the problem. Rather, women share that they are less confident that they can succeed in the current working environment to achieve those senior roles or break through existing barriers (McKinsey).

At theLEADhub, our passion is to help individuals succeed in achieving their purpose and longer term goals. Anchored in practical tools and concepts, Women on the Rise is a program that was built by women, for women. A unique and empowering experience, Women on the Rise allows female leaders to confront their own limiting beliefs roadblocking their success, practice new strategies and learn within a group of like-minded and determined women.

Participants of the program will spend 2-days fully immersed in tools, strategies and habits that empower women at the individual level to find and leverage what they bring to the table.  Past program participants have referred to the experience as “life changing”, because the focus is on mastering our mindset, mitigating what is holding us back, and moving closer to our aspirations.

Join us and discover the Verity difference for women who are “on the rise”.

Who Should Attend: Women on the Rise is built for women who are ready for a transformational development experience. Ideal for women with some prior working experience, this program is for women who need to shift their mindset, build their leadership presence and confidence to fully shine.  

Why Attend: Leadership is Intentional. Focused. Deliberate. For women this means delving into some deep reflection around “where I’ve come from”, “where I can go”, and “what’s holding me back”. The biggest barrier tends to be the mindset shift required to get there – not the skills. When programs focus on mindset shift, the most cited outcomes are confidence and fire to succeed. Women on the Rise is about empowering women with the tools to overcome obstacles, and to develop the critical mindset to have the courage and confidence to lead in an empowered way.

Boost your Development Experience with One-on-One Coaching: One-on-one leadership coaching is a priceless investment for women to accelerate progress on goals. It also provides an ongoing objective support system to keep accountability for embedding new mindsets and behaviours. If you are looking for the support of a coach and trusted advisor to guide you through your leadership journey, ask us for more information at

By the end of the program participants will:

  • Understand and leverage their strengths and motivations to remain in an empowered state in all situations.
  • Recognize the mindset and habits that get in their way and be able to apply tools and strategies to overcome barriers.
  • Learn how to communicate with influence and impact.
  • Set a goal that pushes them out of their comfort zone and make a commitment to take bold action.

Your leadership potential is within your reach… let our passion for learning help you get there.