Women remain underrepresented at senior leadership levels and in the pipeline of future leaders. More of the same traditional leadership training is not the solution. Join us for a unique program that takes a different approach. Women on the Rise shifts women’s mindset towards an empowered state, builds confidence, and sparks fire to succeed.

A transformational two-day experience

Build confidence to take bold action

Participants learn how they can best leverage their strengths to remain in an empowered state at all times, even when handling difficult situations.

Find an authentic voice

Women discover their authentic self through the program, which creates a foundation for communicating with influence and impact.

Overcome roadblocks that get in the way of success

Women on the Rise helps women understand their own beliefs, habits, and behaviours that keep them from achieving their goals and learn strategies to eliminate these barriers.

Boost your experience with one-on-one coaching

One-on-one leadership coaching is a priceless investment for women to accelerate progress on goals and keep accountable for shifting towards new mindsets and behaviours. We offer targeted one-on-one coaching to support women on their leadership journey. Ready to explore the options? Contact us at theleadhub@verityintl.com .

What participants are saying

“I feel like the magic is at my fingertips.”

Territory Manager

“The energy and dynamics that evolved within the group were incredible, we had trusting and comfortable environment, and everyone opened up to share their stories and learn. The facilitators were very inspiring, and I feel that they reshaped our minds. Only with two days my mindset was shifted – I feel more confident, motivated, and empowered.”

Research Scientist

“This is the best leadership course I’ve ever been to. I’ve learned more here than I learned from a previous course that was 7 days long!”

Department Manager

“Really wonderful course full of great learning tools and resources. This pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and truly grasp the concept and objective. I am able to apply it and use in my job to make a difference.”

Supply Chain Manager